Personal training

What do you enjoy? What do you want to achieve? How much time do you have? Have you been fit or sporty in the past?


Whether there's just one of you or a small group, these are among the questions I'll ask in an electronic consultation, along with details of any problems, medical conditions and drugs you take. When we meet, we'll do some basic fitness testing (don’t worry – it’s quick, simple and painless).


It’s important that I understand your motivation and preferences, so I can tailor what we do to suit you. I even take requests for background music.


More importantly, I'll work with you to set goals that allow you to measure your progress. So rather than writing down "I want to be more active," you could promise yourself to cycle for 15 minutes every day.


Then I’ll come up with some possibilities to try at our first session and some ideas for you to get on with in your own time, such as taking a Pilates class, joining a Nordic walking group or doing some stretches every evening.


Every time I show you new exercises, I'll explain how they will help you and suggest which ones you can do on your own.


One of the most common reasons for not getting moving is a lack of time, so I often put together short routines that you can slot into a busy day in ten-minute chunks.


If you like, I’ll visit your home and/or your workplace to see how you can incorporate some extra activity into daily life.


I’m also qualified to offer nutritional advice and can recommend other professionals if you feel you’d benefit from physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, hypnotherapy or deep tissue massage.


These are all people I go to myself, so it’s a genuine personal recommendation based on my own experience.