I aim to be affordable for as many people as possible, so you can choose one-to-one sessions or small group training for up to four people both in personal training and Pilates. I also run Pilates classes – in my own studio, these are capped at between six and eight people. 


One-off sessions are only available to people who already attend classes/small group training, as it's very difficult to be of lasting help in the space of an hour.


Most clients prefer to buy a course of sessions. It gives you support and expertise while you’re exploring ways to improve your health and wellbeing. To make the most of these, you should aim to see me at least once a week. 


I’ve also developed a kick-start package, which makes a great birthday or Christmas present. It gets you started, gives you the opportunity to discover what works for you and suits people who aren’t able to commit the time or money to regular one-to-one sessions.


Contact me if you’d like to discuss any of this

Corona virus


During the corona virus emergency, all training is taking place online. I have reduced prices because of the economic stress so many people are suffering. Please call me on 01273 220102 or 07958 624636 for details.


One-to-one sessions are £350 for a course of ten, although I do provide individual sessions or shorter courses to existing and past clients who want a refresher or are attending a Pilates class or small group training and want individual attention. These cost £35 for a one-hour session.


Take-away programmes are available only to existing clients – I need to run through them with you in person to be sure that you’ve mastered the exercises, get real benefit from them and won’t do yourself any damage. Four 10-15 minute mini-programmes covering upper body, lower body, core, balance and flexibility: £50. One-hour programme for home, outdoors or gym (you choose): £50.


Kick start package includes a consultation and initial session, two further sessions, a programme for you to do independently after each session, ideas for additional activities and classes, and weekly phone calls to discuss any issues: £250


Small group training for between two and four people can be for strength and conditioning or Pilates or a combination. It takes place at the Kemptown studio and costs £12.50 per person.


Classes are currently streaming live online, so I give feedback and advice and you can ask questions. I have cut the price per class to £6, or £5 for concessions. For a schedule, please click here.